Saturday, 8 December 2012

YA Books Being Made Into Movies

I love how, just within the past few years, ya has exploded. It's finally become its own standalone genre, and has become a wildly successful one - apparently, there are more adults that read ya than teens. I've also noticed that because of this, more teen books are being made into movies, which I just find so amazing! I read so many young-adult books (even being passed the intended age audience), and the action should just look great on screen. A few I've come across are:

The Mortal Instruments:
Beautiful Creatures:
And apparently Divergent is being made into a movie as well! I don't even know how that could go wrong - such a fast-paced, action-packed book like that should translate well to the big screen. So far they've only casted Tris:
But still, I'm pretty psyched. Eek! I wish the best of luck to all three movies. 

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