Thursday, 10 January 2013

Reviews A'Rollin' In

One of the scariest things about self-publishing a book is that you don’t have an agent or a fancy publishing house telling you that your book is any good. If you really wanted to, you could self-publish a book without anyone telling you it’s good. The thing is, it’s possible that once readers get a hold of it, every single one of them will tear it to shreds, and as the author – the one who put her blood, sweat and tears into it – you will be flabbergasted. After all that work, you find out your book sucks?

I was really worried about this happening, but alas, luckily it hasn’t happened yet! I’ve finally gotten my first few reviews on The Keeper’s Curse and so far, they’ve all been fairly positive. It’s a relief hearing completely objectionable people informing the world that it’s good. That they enjoyed it. That they couldn’t put it down. As the author, I probably shouldn’t be reading my own reviews, but every time I see something like this I get all giddy and giggley. These aren’t my family and friends saying this (even though I believe them when they say they enjoyed it) but strangers who owe me nothing.

When I see this, it relieves me a little to know that it was better to self publish than to not publish at all. If nothing else, a few people got to read it and enjoy it. That’s better than none. So, as of this moment, I am happy.

And that’s my little self pat-on-the-back for today.